Best Price Guarantee

Our Best Price Guarantee is your assurance that you will always get the best price on the products you purchase anywhere in the US.  If you find a lower, currently advertised price from a US dealer retailer, we’ll match or beat it.


1) You see a better price:

  • We are competitive, but you might see the same product for a lower price.

2) Show us where you seen this price:

  • It’s simple! Just present proof of the lower price by simply emailing us the information @ . This could be in the form of an advertisement or a printout from any US competitor’s website.

3) We match or beat it!

  • As long as it’s an identical product, which includes the model number, warranty or components that may be included in the price, as one of the largest dealer in the US for TechTubs, we’ll match or beat the price.


TechTubs will match any advertised price on an identical product (including the model number, warranty, components that may be included with the product) currently advertised by any US dealer. This offer does not apply to bonus or free offers, private sales, trade-in sales, special orders, “limited quantity”, “door crashers” or “one of a kind” offers, “after rebate pricing”, coupon, club or wholesale pricing, store credits, gift cards or similar credits, and any competitor’s misprinted advertising.

This offer applies to existing in-stock only. Items sold in ‘as-is’ condition including refurbished merchandise, display/demo models, open stock and scratch-and-dent items are excluded from this offer.  TechTubs reserves the right to verify competitor pricing and availability of price match items, limit quantities of price match items, and to revoke this promotion, and change its terms and conditions, without advance notice.  Price match must be requested by the consumer from TechTubsat the time of purchase.