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WHY are Tech Tubs the best solution for Charging and storing student devices?

Over the past years, we have had thousands of conversations with educators around the United States and we know that managing multiple devices can be difficult. A lot of this has to do with some of the challenges we have identified and listed below:

  • Struggle with wiring and cable management of Carts – sometimes taking over an hour for one Cart
  • Queues in the classroom for students to get devices resulting in wastage of teaching time
  • Fragile storage solutions that fall apart and have to be replaced in a short span of time
  • Unsecure storage solutions that allowed devices to be stolen
  • Challenge with picking up a stack of student devices and often dropping and breaking them.
  • A classroom can tie up an entire cart of devices, even if they aren’t all needed
  • Inconsistent charging and syncing of devices
  • There are many Charging, storage and Syncing solutions available that support all generations of tablets including the iPad (1st generation), iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation), iPad (4th generation), iPad Mini, and iPad Air as well as Android tablets. However, most large traditional tech carts come with a 20 to 40 bay device slot making them big and bulky and really expensive for those schools trying to do smaller device roll outs.


What has changed and how can Tech Tubs help?

  1. Size/Portability:
  • TechTubs are the most affordable, portable and lightweight solution for Securing, Distributing, Charging and storing student devices in the market today.
  • Many teachers want to sign out only five iPads for example at a time and they want to carry the units to where they are working and they need to ensure the tablets are charged and secure.  The best way to do this is with a portable Tech Tub.
  • With TechTubs they simply grab a Tub and go…charging included, security included and cart included too (if device weight is an issue)
  • Safely store and transport many different kinds of devices, with cases and without, in a small footprint that is the perfect size for classrooms and administrative areas.
  1. Price Point:
  • And most importantly – coming in at an extremely competitive price point, this ensures schools can invest more in core technology programs rather than alternative high cost locking and charging systems.

So why buy a traditional cart from Aver, Luxor, Anthro or Bretford when you can save tons of money by investing in a solution that does the same thing and much more?


When considering a charging cart, be sure to compare its features against our Tech Tub2® line up – click here for a checklist

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